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These were fixed on the 7th

At least these are relativity minor problems with the forum, it is nowhere near as bad when we used MyBB. I hope SMF will provide a good solution to put these problems to rest. Wish the best of luck to ya Valtam.

There are 2 bugs in the Forums at the moment that I know of. Preview - I have contacted SMF, but they have not given a solution that works yet, my last choice from them was to disable all of the mods, and install fresh forum files over the top of the current ones. Quote - not working either, you have to use the bbcode to quote currently. I am hoping both will be fixed once I get time to do the fresh overwrite.


Just to let you know, I can confirm same thing here -- forum preview for posts does not work for me either.  I posted something here this morning and ran into that problem.  Did not see this post at the time, so thought one of my browser plug-ins was the cause.  Changed settings on them, but still could not preview my post.

Like Coastie, there is no "second page" -- just a perpetual "Fetching preview" that never resolves on the first click of the "Preview" button.

I am not sure what you mean by second page. I type my post then click on Preview button to check it it just hangs on "Fetching preview ..." so I just click Post button.


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