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Please add a main section of recommended software for Linux Lite

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Basically any Debian package not deprecated by Debian will run in any current Ubuntu or Debian. A lot of orphaned packages are still installable as well. Release version keys especially in the Ubuntu LTS and Debian Stable versions are mainly to keep users from having installation problems due to the pace of development. For the last three series other than security updates most dependency problems are related to GTK updates, Python updates, or Wayland. We could add non-free firmware to this but generally it is more adaptable i/e older drivers often still work. That said, retro-fitting old Debian packages can be very daunting for inexperienced users.

Linux Lite is meant to be encouraging to new users, in many cases providing specific GUI applications that make using the system simple and intutive for new users from the MS Windows world and users with little or no Linux experience. It certainly succeeds at that. Users can certainly query the forum about any kind of installation error or procedure. In depth queries can get in depth responses. Most new users look for software to do specific computing tasks, but when asking for help don't include what the task is they wish to do, instead asking how to configure software they have already chosen to use for the task. This often leads to a roundabout kind of discourse or a you can't get there from here type of reply. A new forum section here is basically a more minor thing than Serban intimates, but there is no real neccessity for it when such queries can already be made in the instaliing software section i/e "Is anybody running this or that application?"


Şerban S.:

From my perspective, emotionally mostly, I like the idea.
The fact is that over the years, I gave up this idea, due to the frequent changes in the world of the Linux development landscape.
The real problem with such a section is that some 99% of the Linux Apps, are developed "pro-bono", and financially supported (if...) through some kind of donation mechanism.
Usually, for Apps development, this is difficult. Most developers use their spare time so a full cycle, might take more than one year. This leads to OS version related incompatibilities. I've already seen it in my list of apps and on this Forum also, even a few days ago.
Many upgrade procedures fail due to missing the appropriate version of a PPA software.
This is simply an annoyance easy to remove, by disabling the PPA line in the "Other Software" tab, "Software & Updates" utility.
So, it will generate a lot of posts and inquiries regarding this or that piece of software, leading to a bloated forum Secțion.
Still, maybe the active members, might consider working on a PDF document, with general recommendations and the standard solutions for the most frequent trouble encountered during system operation and the related software pieces, mostly the User preferences.
I guess that if anyone will issue at least a draft version of such kind of manual, people around here will come with suggestions and might be gradually improved.
But, again, this is my thinking and finding volunteers for this kind of job, is rather difficult than "piece of cake".
The problem mostly resides in the skills required to fulfill such a task: computer editing (LibreOffice), image editing (GIMP), vector graphics (Inkscape) and obviously, file management over internet (Upload, download, check links, cloud storage management, fixing broken links).
This can be hardly conceived as a "one man show" if this goes exclusively "pro bono". Changes are too many and way too frequent!
Years ago, I did this kind of job an it usually takes some 6 and more hours a day. Which is practically speaking, a full-time job.

Obviously, we are discussing here ideas that might improve the overall life in this community: this means that I am opened to any new ideas.
I have some doubts regarding a forum Section due to the fact that I have my own Forum and I am facing the same dilema: Add s Section? Wait? If I add it, will it go sideways? If that happens, what then?
From the admin's perspective, it's difficult to ponder the value of an idea in what's regarding the extra-work for the Admin and (if any...) the Moderators.
Remember, all Moderators are doing pro-bono work here, just because they love the community and the distro itself.
Dedication, passion is the engine that drives their work. Still... they need to eat, sleep, do some trivial housework (shopping, personal finances management and so on) and all those, on top of a work (day to day job) that sucks lots of the daily resources.
Did I mention the family? What if the life partner has nothing to do with computers?
There are many variables in this equation so it is by far a difficult decision to ponder, and even more difficult to make it happen.
And there is another fact:
Hosting costs. And the expenses, increase by a traffic based factor. This ( is nothing like a new Forum so, the traffic, might blow through the roof just for say, 2 minutes. If this happens once or twice a month, it is OK. Even more than twice, might still be OK.
But if this begins to be a kind of weekly habit, this is a "Red flag" sign. You need more storage, a better CPU/RAM ratio, a better mysql server ratio and all those are more and more expensive.
If you are unfamiliar with those site-management daily tasks, than it is unlikely you will, and can understand the reluctance of the Forum Management Team in extending the Forum.
It's far easier said, than done...
That means nothing else than that I understand both perspectives, but having the both ways practice (I've been blogging and creating content for over 17 years already), I am forced to see things through both perspectives to get "the bigger picture".

With those being said, I hope we can find some solution to this general interest problem.
The idea of adding entries to the Lite Manual, is also less practical and more trouble generating, due to the same reason: lack of man-power. What could be accomplished, is already there. Going further, means more man-power. How do we get to this?
Do you think I even dare to think asking Jerry, or some of the Moderators how much they spent on Forum related things?
I see how much it takes me and this is enough.
As long as I am OK, I drop a visit here, write something. If it wears me off, I just reduce my visits to the minimum amount required for recovery. It is as simple as that!
And if anyone thinks is different than I am, I'm still here, we can discuss the "How to"s.

Best regards, Șerban.

The information in the forum link is probably the closest we have to what I think you are suggesting but some information is certainly out of date.
If you were to start a new one, it too would fall behind.

Another problem is that forum threads get spammed - typically with advertising or attempts to improve google ratings - and these are harder to spot in what is essentially a list of products.

The forum admin may consider your suggestion of another section.
Thank you


--- Quote from: stevef on April 07, 2024, 12:11:14 PM ---There is this reference in the manual .....

which in turn links to a post on the forum

--- End quote ---


The second link is really a good one. Well we don't have so many users in this forum .But perhaps some day could be good if Linux Lite 6 users could vote within a really main section with more posts and what was their experience with that software, or perhaps a software button like the one we currently have in Linux Lite 6.6 to share what hardware we have running this distro.

Beware, in the first link those people use at most Linux Lite 5x, many of that software is outdated. And even the website of Master PDF Editor shared in both links doesn't exist (error 404)

There is this reference in the manual .....

which in turn links to a post on the forum


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