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Pipelight in Linux Lite 2.0

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--- Quote from: Teddy5090 on May 23, 2014, 10:47:39 PM ---Microsoft Silverlight is sort of popular. Primary uses are for Amazon Prime members (For TV Shows / Movies) or a regular users of Netflix. I am not sure of anything else that uses Silverlight.

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If I had a low-resource PC with XP and wanted to have Linux Lite, I'd set it up as a 'dual boot', watch Netflix in XP, and do everything else in LL. As I have stated previously, running Netflix, Silverlight, and WINE is just too much drag on a system unless you have 2 GB RAM+ for 32-bit, and 4 GB RAM for 64-bit. At that point, you might as well just run Windows 7.

What's making Silverlight more and more popular is that you get better video performance at low bandwidths than over Flash, but the biggest reason is that none of the Flash video downloaders can do anything with Silverlight video, and, short of screen capture, no one has developed a way to circumvent this.

AFAIK, Silverlight video comes to you in bits and pieces, then Silverlight reassembles it all into something watchable at the distant end. It's a miracle it even works in XP...


Thank you for the feedback folks, much appreciated :)

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newtusmaximus:  and work back.

This has been an ongoing discussion for some time apparently.

Over in the UK  BT sport channel on internet uses silverlight = One of the promotional spin offs for signing up to BT internet as an ISP.  Goes head to head with SKY sport.  Therefore having BT sport working on LL in my opinion would make the transition decision  for UK XP transition users easier to make.

I know that HTML5 is supposed to be the way ahead but BT sports gives no indication of what they are going to do in the future AFAIK. might be worth asking them?

One target group in the K is the "Silver Surfer" who are most likely to be/have been XP  users.  Anything that makes that transition less painful would be ideal. - The ethos of LL anyway??

We have the university of the third age U3A over here and LL could be promoted as a viable alternative through that group to extend the life of older laptops/printers/scanners etc. and the participant of te group as well ? :)

Just a thought

Thank you.


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