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Installing updates today totally messes up panel,  U last updated around 5/31.  My old panel used to have a menu, 5 icons including Firefox and terminal.  On the right were a choice of 2 desktops to use.  Also a speaker icon with a digital clock.  The panel was solid black in color and filled the entire horizontal position.  I had it set to auto hide, but now does not.  Now I have no background and only a menu icon without the customary 5 icons.  There are 5 speaker icons and 2 whisker menu icons, I only added 1 because I wanted a panel shortcut for Firefox.  Yet Icons have some transparency even though I have opacity at 100%

After a 2nd reboot, it looks better.  All of the icons are on the left and trying to use the move command does not seem to work.  I will continue to tinker with this.


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