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Added my main, most used PC

Ok folks, I have changed ram to drop down selection, this keeps the format the same for everyone. Sorry, you'll have to re-add it :( I've made these entries compulsory on registration, saves as asking the  same question 100's of times over :)

Thanks Coastie, I've shortened your specs, they were quite long. Cheers.

Done. Added "desktop" because it is often though that my processors are in a laptop. If I put wrong info in especially GPU, let me know.

We now have 3 new profile fields for people to display, CPU, RAM, and GPU. These 3 were chosen because most issues involve these pieces of hardware. We also have to limit the list so that peoples profiles don't take up a whole page when posting :)

These can be found in: Profile, Forum Profile (scroll to bottom)

Please keep your info as concise as possible. If you have multiple computers, please list your main computer.

To get your system info, open a terminal and do:

--- Code: ---inxi -b
--- End code ---

Thanks to avj for the suggestion :)

I encourage all members to display these details :)


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