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New Forum mods added


7 hours and 11 minutes and I have been learning a lot. Thanks again for all the help. :)

Have added the following mods:

Best Answer: Topic starter and Mods can now mark a post in their thread as Best Answer. A link will then show up at the top of the thread that anyone can click on and it will take them to that post directly.

Tapatalk: Members can now browse the Forums using their mobile device and along with the Tapatalk app.

Reason for editing: Members can now put a reason for editing their post. MODS please note: please use this feature when editing peoples posts.

Time online in Memberlist: The Members list now shows the total time a member has been using the Forums since we began.

Move Recent Posts to the Top of Forum: Self explanatory.

Will add more useful mods as we discover them.


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