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I'm a relative new comer to LL but not to Linux (no way an expert).

I've just read the manual for the first time and it is actually quite good.

When buying or using something new, the first thing I do is look on You Tube,
for xmas I bought 3 Tablets for my grandchildren and a cycle rack for my son and the You Tube videos where so much better than the instructions that came with the products.

So, just a suggestion, why not create an official You Tube channel, with various videos, especially installation guides, an area that confuses and puts new uses off.


Hi gold_finger,

I think a couple of the challenges when you first start with LL(Linux),

1. Where do I start.?, The user manual, so this should be the key focus.
    Coming from Windows where for a user it was more or less switch it on, follow the install prompts/guide and away you go.

2. Then there is the terminology, already mentioned by bitsnpcs(good one),
    An A-Z of the most common "terms" and "commands" would be useful. So 2 new sections?
    > FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions, there could be links back to any already existing "How To's" in the Forum
    > CUC = Commonly Used Commands, These are the ones that people like yourself ask for on a regular basis.

3. I think there is already an enormous amount of information, answers and solutions within the forum...But
    If you are new and not familiar with LL(Linux), and maybe English is not your 1st language, deciding what to "search" for can be a challenge.

    This one is more a challenge, and potentially to much of a resource burden and drain on people like your good self...
    It needs the creations of some form indexed/reference knowledge section with just one liners, bit like a mini-wiki.
    See if I can explain,, Create a section, say "Common & Known Solutions and Answers"
    Break it into Key subject areas, Install , Software , Hardware and Configuration
    There would be sub categories under each of the main subject areas, These get added to when new subjects arise.
    Now each time a solution to an an issue/question is found, a one liner and link to the relevant post/source is added in the relevant category.
    Example of how it could work/look,, I'm having an issue with a Bluetooth Device,
    So I go and look in the Hardware > Bluetooth section
    I see some one liners, and something that sounds like my issue, and a link to click on, like this...
           One liner 1 + Link
           One liner 2 + Link
           Enabling Full Bluetooth Support in Linux Lite =
           One liner 3 + Link

Just my thoughts...
Obviously, like I said, it would put a lot on the shoulders of the mods & devs, and maybe just to much of an ask..??
and like all knowledge systems they are are only as good as the content, and relevance = "Ongoing Maintenance"
Otherwise they become stale and out of date.


Lots of good suggestions!  Thanks to all who posted so far.

Going to leave this open for a few days at least (probably through the weekend) to give plenty of time for others to put in ideas and to give everyone a chance to add things that might come to mind after their initial posts.

Just to show what one member of our crew does


and we are a small but mighty team.

Hi rokytnji,

For some reason I get "this video doesn't exist" when I click it.  Did you post correct link, or do you think it got deleted?


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