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Title: Low disk space notification?
Post by: JonMikelV on February 01, 2019, 10:28:03 AM
I find Linux Lite to be a great distro to give to friends and family with older hardware or who can't handle Windows (*cough* - viruses - *cough*).  This means I'm frequently giving this to users who don't know how to maintain their own machines.

So I figured it might be nice to include a notification of some sort when disk space starts getting low so less technical users aren't as surprised when things start working....oddly.

From personal experience, I was thinking something like the following could be 'alerted' if free disk space gets below 1G:
Your disk is running low on space (currently on X left available) which may cause some tasks, such as installing updates, to fail.  Please consider freeing up some space soon such as by running Lite Tweaks or getting rid of unnecessary files.

Any thoughts on this?  (Assuming this hasn't already been suggested or implemented (I didn't see it when I searched.)



Title: Re: Low disk space notification?
Post by: firenice03 on February 01, 2019, 11:29:48 AM

If out of space, I know the updater will error with such..

Could look at the Lite Desktop Widget.. Then you could customize... (Also Conky for other options) Would be a visual constant representation

Menu > Settings > Sessions and Startup > Under Application Auto Start - Tick the box "Lite Desktop Widget"  - may have to log out/on

Sample of mine - Modified Size, Spacing added Network Strength (Disk could be added too)!/msg32263/#msg32263 (!/msg32263/#msg32263)


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Title: Re: Low disk space notification?
Post by: Seeta K. Roopchandani on May 04, 2019, 03:36:35 PM
According to my experience with Linux Lite, you should at least have minimum storage assigned which is :
4gb swap
 8-10 Gb storage

I have used CentOS 7 and Linux Lite. Linux lite is more of an entertaining software if you assign minimum I use the 64-bit version. and I have installed too many other things in it. I have also done shell scripting which worked easier. Plus there is a lot of user manipulation installed in it. So, I will suggest at least assign the proper memory size to enjoy LUNIX lite.