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Hello All,

I like to suggest a "One Click Optimization" Function at Linux LIte Tweaks
see picture

I think it could be used in different ways
> Start Up >> PC if fresh after new start
> Shot Down  >> PC if fresh for new start
> At other menues like Favorites or bottom bar

I think it will be a very good features for people didn't have to much computer experiance



OK, I'm all for it, but what operations would be conducted exactly? Like, emptying caches and the like?

Watching with interest.

Hello UglyStuff

As Standard settings I suggest following

> Clear Memory
> Firefox Cache
> Thumbnail Cache
> Whisker Menu

?? Kernel Remover >> I got the experiance if there are more as needed kernels avaiable my pc is a little slower
                                  but I also could be wrong with that, but if it have a real influence on the speed then it
                                  also should be in standard.



Lite Wise:
Be careful with kernel Remover, it needs to leave at least 1 previous kernel then the one in use.
If problems occur you can always go back to the previous one, if you delete all you are in trouble!


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