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The Repairman:

Fine  ;)

I'm happy for someone to submit the code for this. I will then review and add it to Lite Tweaks.

Optimize will have to:

- Clear Memory
- Web browser Cache
- Log Archives
- Package Cache
- SystemD Log Cleaner
- Thumbnail Cache
- Trash Bin
- Whisker Menu

'One Click Optimization' button will have to go down the bottom next to Quit and Begin.

The 'At Start Up' and At Shut Down' options can be added in a later version.

Current Lite Tweaks code here -

Watching with interest.

Lite Wise:
Be careful with kernel Remover, it needs to leave at least 1 previous kernel then the one in use.
If problems occur you can always go back to the previous one, if you delete all you are in trouble!


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