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Linux Lite is unbelievable!

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Just tested Linux Lite 2.0 with an old sistem: Sempron 2800+ rev D S754 (no C'n'Q) CPU/ASUS K8U-X motherboard/1.25 G of RAM/GeForce FX5200 AGP. Works out-of-the-box!! Flash-player plugin, sound, everything!! There are just a few Linux OS working Live and out-of-the-box with this pretty Linux-unfriendly PC. LL is one of them. It's a good job indeed.

You are more than welcome and the work involved definitely shows in this distro! You are awesome and I love seeing the developer active in the forums...just the frosting on the cake!

Thank you Joe. You mention the nuances, these are usually overlooked when putting together an operating system but in Linux Lite they are a strong focus. Of course thats just the operating system, we are also fortunate to have a generous group of people helping others with Support.

Hi All,

I just had to state how frighteningly brilliant Linux Lite is!! Valtam has done a phenomenal and amazing job and it blows my mind the more I discover about it. The nuances and details are truly incredible and I am so thankful to have and be using this distro. It is now going to be my recommended distro for my customers and I hope to be able to assist the project in the future. Thank you for an amazing gift to the Linux community.


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