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Linux Lite Debian version?


Never say never. We currently favor the LTS model as a core consideration.

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Person the human:
Recently, the 2 distros Peppermint OS and Nitrux have swiched to using debian as a base. It made both faster but they actually both looked exactly the same on the outside. I wonder if it would be a good idea for a transition like this with Linux Lite as well. I've read on many parts of the site that performance is a top priority for the OS, and this sounds like the easiest way ever to give Linux lite a huge speed boost. Is there any chance something like this could happen in the future?

PS: It might sound like this would make it less beginer-freindly at first, but if it's based of the "unnoficial builds" on debians website, then it will come with the same drivers as Ubuntu preinstalled.


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