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Linux Lite Debian version?


Person the human:
Recently, the 2 distros Peppermint OS and Nitrux have swiched to using debian as a base. It made both faster but they actually both looked exactly the same on the outside. I wonder if it would be a good idea for a transition like this with Linux Lite as well. I've read on many parts of the site that performance is a top priority for the OS, and this sounds like the easiest way ever to give Linux lite a huge speed boost. Is there any chance something like this could happen in the future?

PS: It might sound like this would make it less beginer-freindly at first, but if it's based of the "unnoficial builds" on debians website, then it will come with the same drivers as Ubuntu preinstalled.

Never say never. We currently favor the LTS model as a core consideration.

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