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Linux Lite 5.0 .vs MX Linux

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Re: Linux Lite 5.0 .vs MX Linux
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Linux Lite is an awesome distro. Any newbie interested in trying linux distros should start with Lite. Having said that I have a suggestion to make. MX Linux too is a good newbie friendly distro. The MX Tools particularly, make using MX, a lot easier for a newbie. I like the MX Snapshot tool particularly. With that one can get the snapshot of the entire installed system and use it to create a live USB and install MX on another computer too. It would be awesome if Lite also incorporates these really useful tools in it and provides a linux beginner with even more newbie friendly distro.

I would request the developers of Linux Lite to consider this.

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Re: Linux Lite 5.0 .vs MX Linux
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2020, 10:45:23 AM »


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I don't know about the "pad" software since I use another one. ;)

For MS Office. I have not used it on my personnal computer for years. The only problem would be in a business environment using Exchange/Office 365, but that would be Outlook related. There  are alternatives that I have not tried recently though.Teams is a newcomer and is available on Linux :
The "hard" issue is that almost all accounting software are Windows only, most do not even have a Mac version.Add to this that most are poorly proprammed with bugs ans issues galore, so, I would not even try to ask them as they have their plates full.Note : I have not tried running them on Wine, this could easily work sice they are not "complex" programs.

I'm also in graphics design and I was tired of Photoshop's bloat (+ distribution type and prices). Been using Krita, which is free, of course.
It's a little more for illustrators but serves me to perfection. I strongly suggest to try it, it's really powerfull.
I would mention that gaming on Linux is also a sore point. But, it has made great strides in the recent years.In the long run, I can see that as an advantage having "younger" minds not scared of usng another OS than the one of "common folks".I tried Linux several years ago and didn't have enough for me to be able to work.I re-tried it about three years ago and have not turned back since. ;)
- TheDead (TheUxNo0b)

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Linux Lite 5.0 .vs MX Linux
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2020, 01:23:05 PM »


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My bedroom TV computer is a Chromebox that was hacked to run any UEFI compatible OS. I ran Windows 8.1 for a few years, but 8.1 is getting a little long in the tooth and Windows 10 is a joke.

The main requirement I had was being able to run Retropie which narrows my options down to Debian distros. I went distro hopping for something that was fast on my limited hardware and easy to use with my limited understanding of Linux. Ubuntu is fairly easy to use, but really slow. It seems to get a little slower with every new release. Even some modern computers run like carp in Ubuntu. The watermark for ease of use is how easy is it to install Chrome and Kodi. If it takes me more than 5 minutes to figure out how to install those two very common apps and get the latest versions, the distro sucks.

MX Linux treated me reasonably well and I might have rode of into the sunset running it if not for a news article about the Linux Lite 5 release. I tried the Live version from my SD card, as I always do, and even in "test drive" mode it seemed really fast, so I decided to try installing it.

Long story short, this is the perfect OS for any PC with a few caveats. There are 2 small problems and 1 huge unsolvable problem that would give me pause in recommending it to everyone.

Small problems:

1. Most of the preinstalled is the best available in the open source world with two exceptions. The default "notepad" is shite. Featherpad, the default in MX Linux, is much better. Also Qpdfview is the best pdf viewer because it also allows editing of PDF documents without having to deal with Adobe. Fortunately both apps are easily installable and able to be set as the default.

2. Most apps open in the upper left hand corner of the screen every time regardless of where I had the window when I closed it. A few apps, like Featherpad get this right, but other apps like the file manager do not.

Huge unsolvable(any time soon) problem:

No support for commercial software. Not really the fault of Linux Lite or any other distro, but it is the reason why most people are not running Linux. This is not a deal breaker for me because I use all open source software(Kodi, Retropie, Qbittorrent, etc.), but anyone that needed to run Quickbooks, MS Office, Photoshop, etc. would be sunk. The open source alternatives to these programs either don't exist or they suck. Commercial software will never be available in Linux as long as there are 5 million distros. If we could all just agree that Linux Lite is the only distro worth running and focus all farther development there companies might actually start porting their software to Linux. Until then I just don't see it happening.


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Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 Released - See Release Announcement Section