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--- Quote from: TheDead on June 05, 2020, 10:45:23 AM ---Teams is a newcomer and is available on Linux :
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I just confirmed today with Microsoft support that Teams for Linux desktop is only available for work and school accounts managed by an organization.  If you want to use Teams for Linux with a personal/free account, you have to use your browser.

Yeah, after that one I bought some hardware and built my own PCs.
Strangely enough, my current "complete" PC was given to me, lol!

Lite Wise:
Funny history you have, I hope you changed into just buying the damn thing ;)

Yeah... I was young and naive at the time. First real job... had money to spare.
Had a Commodore Amiga, BeOS seemed the right way to go when Commodore hit the dirt.
What a fringe computer geek I was. Enough that I vowed that I'd never buy a PC, and I didn't.

Been awhile I told this, my cool story about my first PC :
I filled about 2/3 of a prize draw bucket at the college store and WON my first PC. For every purchase they gave a ticket, I shopped around and they charged 1 cent to staple sheets together. Made a photocopy for 10 cents (single sheet) and had them stapled the edge in rows... HA, they though to discourage saying it had to be "per purchase" / "per visit". I had almost no courses that week so I went to staple my sheet, went around outside and came back... I think around 240 times. ;) Last purchase before the draw... I plastified my Single 240-timed-Stapled-Sheet. Total : 0.10+2.40+1.00=3.50 for 242 tickets, not bad, not considering the time spent and monopolyzing the nice person at the cash register for a week  :o .
The double twist... When they had the draw, the store "boss" tried to fool people saying another name when he read the winning ticket... then he gave the ticket to another person to "discard" I'm guessing. She then looked at it and said... "Ahaha, your funny!" to her boss, thinking he was joking and said that "I" won!... I'll never forget the boss's "smile" right then. He had the same one in the picture they took for the occasion.
I was the star when I got back to the computer club, rolling in the brand new PC I just won!, the fastest available at the time.
If they make a movie about me, this part should be in slow-mo with a Rage Against The Machine song playing. REBEL!!! 8)

Lite Wise:

--- Quote from: TheDead on October 16, 2020, 09:16:39 AM ---I had hopes for BeOS... even bought a few actions when they were going strong and had a bright future.
Now I hear children cry and see gloomy gray skies when I come accross the name.
So sad... :(

--- End quote ---
That's why I mentioned it, commercial interference is not always the way to go, especially not in the open Source world.


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