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Linux Lite 5.0 .vs MX Linux

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The Repairman:


I have used Lite up to 4.8, I haven't tried 5.0 yet, but have it on a USB for a friend.  I am trying MX now, I like it, but I'm not campaigning for either.

The Linux Lite manual is way ahead, and I even referenced it on MX forum when suggesting setting the Shred command  ;D!

As regards commercial software, I have used these on both LL and MX - Cryptomator and Xmind.

On MX I have an alternative to MXOffice - Softmaker FreeOffice, really nice, more directly matches MSOffice, if thats what one wants (I don't). They have a paid version too. Should work on Lite. I use Libre too.

I meant to add I do think Linux Lite is a better entry point for those starting in Linux, not least the manual and the very helpful forum.

The Repairman:

I'm also newbie in LL world . Previously I use MX linux for daily use.
but sometimes touchpad stop working in MX . So I think to move with Linux mint but
it's also give me same issue like MX . I search and find Linux Lite and works great with
my 11 inch Asus low end laptop. well simple design, best performance and have great tools like MX .
But one problem I face with linux lite is that screen tearing , I solve this problem . because I face
this problem with MX and MX gives bulitin scripts in MX tweaks . I use it LL and solve.
best software selection in linux lite . love linux lite software and tweaks tools.     
And great UEFI support .

I tried Linux Lite 5.0. It's awesome. It is much nearer to Windows than any other distro out there. Best suited for Windows users who want to try and switch to Linux. Even the names of apps are so easy for a newbie. I even recommended Linux Lite to one of my friends who is a Windows user and has never tried a linux distro so far.


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