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Would like to see available updates listed after requesting them.  Then require signin if one wants to install them.  Now I need to authenticate before even seeing if any are available and sometimes there are none.  Makes for a wasted login.  I do have notifications for this enabled, but the lowest I could set it for is 1 hour and I might miss the notification.


This is a first. We'll see how many others want this.

Wow, well >100 views and no thinks it would be easier to view available updates and then authenticate rather than authenticate and then get this:

I've pondered this a little... I can see in that instance...

But Lite Updates Notify does somewhat fulfill this; Between Notify and Lite Widget, I'll know if I have updates...

BUT.... perhaps once notify has ran it remains in the task tray along with the recent notification? Once clicked its acknowledged and displays the notification, then it could be prompted and updated or dismissed for the next run?

Another solution would be to have LLOS notify check more often.  The least I can set it to check is  every hour.  It would be nicer to have it check more often such as every 15 minutes.  The notifications are easy to miss if you are doing something else and at once/hour, do not come around again very often if missed.  Maybe I could attach a sound to this I am guessing.


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