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The Repairman:

Thanks for the reply Jerry.  I was just looking for a way to get out of the empty result form the manual update check.. I think I am going to relocate the notification from lower left to center screen so I hopefully will not miss it.  I do not want to have any consequences from checking too often.  I now only manually check once/day on weekdays.  After checking, center screen is not an option, so I increased the time duration to display.

You could try edit /home/yourname/.config/package-update-indicator/package-update-indicator.conf to refresh-interval=900 see if it honors your setting. Just a warning though, hammering update servers that often could get you banned from that/those servers.

I'm the opposite of @LarryB1607 in that I would only want to check for updates once or twice a week, certainly not every few minutes! The update notifier allows you to change the frequency of updates:

Menu --> Settings --> Software & Updates. Click on Updates and select Daily, Every two days, once a week, or even Never! Update any time you want if you want it more often than daily, but daily is quite enough for most people.

Another solution would be to have LLOS notify check more often.  The least I can set it to check is  every hour.  It would be nicer to have it check more often such as every 15 minutes.  The notifications are easy to miss if you are doing something else and at once/hour, do not come around again very often if missed.  Maybe I could attach a sound to this I am guessing.


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