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I'm the opposite of @LarryB1607 in that I would only want to check for updates once or twice a week, certainly not every few minutes! The update notifier allows you to change the frequency of updates:

Menu --> Settings --> Software & Updates. Click on Updates and select Daily, Every two days, once a week, or even Never! Update any time you want if you want it more often than daily, but daily is quite enough for most people.

You could try edit /home/yourname/.config/package-update-indicator/package-update-indicator.conf to refresh-interval=900 see if it honors your setting. Just a warning though, hammering update servers that often could get you banned from that/those servers.

Thanks for the reply Jerry.  I was just looking for a way to get out of the empty result form the manual update check.. I think I am going to relocate the notification from lower left to center screen so I hopefully will not miss it.  I do not want to have any consequences from checking too often.  I now only manually check once/day on weekdays.  After checking, center screen is not an option, so I increased the time duration to display.

The Repairman:
I just manually check the update notifier every now and then and if it shows updates to install I install them.

I'm 69 years old and don't always see things that flash across my screen. LOL


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