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Hello Scott

Thanks for the suggestion . Fortunately my sight is good with my one good eye  in bright lighting but poor in the dark when better contrast helps .


hi Valtam

I did not expect such a quick response . That is much better thanks . You have given it more contrast which is easier to read on my Screen especially when my viewing angle is not set at optimal .

On a similar theme on some web pages they put the command line in white on black . I find it difficult to see that I have highlighted it correctly so I can copy it .

Is it possible to change the highlight colour on Lite as I can in Windows



Speaking from personal experience (my vision is no longer stellar), I've been using the Firefox addon NoSquint for years and it's made reading (especially the small fonts) much easier.

If you're interested I can do a small tutorial. Nothing about it is difficult but a few hints will probably shorten the learning curve. In nutshell, since FF nuked the add-on bar the NoSquint addon doesn't run correctly unless the addon bar is restored.

Link for addon - NoSquint

Link for addon - The Addon Bar (Restored)

I tried black on white but it actually looked worse. I've changed it to white on black, try that.

Could the Forum  Search Box colours be changed to easy to read ones . Preferably to good old Black Font on a White background so people with sight problems can see what is written .
I may be old and therefore old fashioned but its another case of style over content that designers throw at us forgetting their users needs .



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