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Forrum is Deadly Slow


Somehow I missed this post when it was originally made.

I unfortunately have to confirm that I've noticed the same thing many times (daily).  Seems to happen occasionally at varied times during the day.  I'll try connecting to forum and there will be a long delay before it connects.  Sometimes it just won't go through.  Most of the time, if I go to another site then back again it will connect -- sometimes right away, other times after more delay.

The vast majority of the time that this happens, I notice that I am the only one currently browsing the forum -- so would imagine it's not caused by too much traffic.  Very rarely does this happen elsewhere.  Only other site I notice that on is the Linux Mint forums, but it's usually around the same time of day -- which makes me think that is when their servers are scheduled to perform some kind of maintenance.

I do use "NoScript" and "RequestPolicy" addons for Firefox, but both are set to allow this site, so don't think they have anything to do with problem.

Cool, if it were consistently slow I would be worried. The odd slow down will occur from time to time, depending on database load. But overall it should be fine.

Just to put a cap on it. Forum is very fast these days.

Not that I can tell, but your post is a little old now.

I'm waiting like 5 minutes for each page to render. Something's wrong?


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