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Şerban S.:
Hello! :)

One thing I find extremely useful to add to the forum interface: a button to embed videos, usually YouTube.
I make video tutorials from time to time, and it will be very useful to have the possibility to embed such videos in posts.
Further more, some tutorials are more useful if they are made as videos.
One example:
Embedding images in a post, is by far more easier to understand in a video. Actually, I made one for my own use.
It takes too much to write and explain in words what otherwise is more suitable in a video format.
The changes required to the forum code, are explained in this video:

I guess the changes are quite similar to write the code for SMF (the above video is for phpBB Forums).
On the SMF Forum, I found this:

However, I also found a video related to editing post options, but it is unclear if there is a tag/code for video embedding, to activate from there and the video is outdated (2010).
Here is the video, anyway. Might help:

I liked the snippet with VideoID instead of qualified URL, mostly for the security reasons, but also for simplicity... :)

--- Code: ---[yt]{youtube ID}[/yt]
--- End code ---

So... Is it doable?

Best regards! :)

Later edit:

After pressing "Post" and reviewing the post, I saw that the YouTube links have been rendered as a video frame, which was missing in the "preview post" mode.
Still, I'm concerned with the security of this solution.
I have to admit that if it works, it is a fast way to include a video, but it will be more "forum like" to have a BB code, like the one for images:

--- Code: ---[img]IMGURlink[/img]
--- End code ---

Best regards!


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