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Dockbar Size / Heigh


Welcome Stephen, nice to have you here.

Stephen Espx:
Hi Guys,
I'm newbies in linux and found out Linux Lite and  I think I'll love this Distro

I hope you don't mind if I post what  I was thinking in my first login :
1. what do you think if the height of dockbar a little bit more taller
2. The Default menu font size, I think it's a little bit too thicker
but the Idea how the menu was organized is very very  Cool :045: for newbies I'm really really love the file manager way  :048:

If you allow me to post, next time I'll write you what I see in this Distro and hopefully it can make some contribution for you, but once again I'm newbies so please forgive me if I'm wrong  and sorry for my bad English.

Thanks for the this Amazing Distro


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