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Title: Congratulations on such an amazing Distro
Post by: mike_tr on June 13, 2016, 03:33:30 PM
Hi, I am a long-time Windows user and have been really impressed with Linux Lite. I have tried a couple of live DVD's of other distros for short periods of time, and can only blame myself for not making more effort to understand Linux. The problem I had in the past was getting basic programs to work after updating. A week later after a "rolling release" update some key programs no longer worked (Browser for example). Other distros had problems finding my sound or wifi (which I understand because of so many different pieces of hardware) and after a couple of days of trying to compile with a command line a working driver (I think thats correct, its been a while), and the distro giving me really small partitions for some reason and telling me it wasn't happy about that, I gave up.

Linux Lite led me by the hand, and installed perfectly. I love the lite software installer, because last time it was a Synaptic Package Manager I think which was a bit much for a newbie, and found it quite confusing when all I wanted was a browser, Skype, Audacity, a photo viewer and VLC. Even my friends I showed this distro to said " Hey! even I can understand this" and are now trying Linux Lite. This really bridges the gap for Windows users who want to try Linux, but don't have enough time for the learning curve needed to get started.

Congratulations on such a great distro, in my opinion if any version of Linux is going to move users away from Windows, it will be this one.
Title: Re: Congratulations on such an amazing Distro
Post by: Jerry on June 13, 2016, 10:20:12 PM
Thanks Mike, glad to hear we nailed it for you :)
Title: Re: Congratulations on such an amazing Distro
Post by: N4RPS on July 03, 2016, 10:49:36 PM

Welcome to Linux Lite, and to its community.

'Rolling releases' are for people who don't mind constantly having to change things, or who like creating systems in virtual machines. Staying with the LTS builds makes one's Linux computing experience more enjoyable AND far less frustrating...