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Ikkaku Madarame:
I was having the same issue recently. Thank god someone already created this thread regarding this issue. it saved my time...Thanks a lot PinStripe for creating it and to Bitsspcs for the solution.  :dft010:


Toufikk Mhd:
Menu>System>Install/Remove Software.

snaptube vidmate

chibukai shi:
Somehow you don't try with the world's largest music archive like Spotify

Amarok it is available in Menu>System>Install/Remove Software.

Why don't add Amarok to the repository?
Clementine doesn't play a song when I want it to. It says play list is finished and when I try clicking on a certain song again, it will NOT play it unless i close the program and reopen it and then click on it.
How monotonous!! There are other issues with it as well. I have tried using it on several occasions and I just don't like it. Please add Amarok to the repository.


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