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Change default browser to chromium?


Mountain Giant:
Using google chrome on opensource system is stupid idea, because one benefit of Linux is privacy, but you negate that by using Google browser that track you. If you dint like "long" load times of Firefox use Brave. Same engine like chrome, but no spooky google stuff.

Lila Smith:
I also change default uc browser to chromium :). This is very amazing

I have no love for Evil  google and it's dark coding used in blocking my sites. I have also stepped away from firefox as its corrupted also. So why would you put google as default on new version? May need to be looking at Debian MX21 if you are catering to Black hats. I am using Brave browser and StartPage as they don't block my sites of now. Just wondering why.

You do know you can install Chromium and make it your default browser, right? I doubt there are many Lite users who are using it only via live USB.

When I install Lite, I use Firefox as my primary browser and Chromium as my secondary. From an SSD, the start up time difference is insignificant between the two browsers.

hard swap:
This is not something that I don't like about Linux Lite. It's more of something I mind about most distros but was hoping maybe this could be an exception.

Because Linux Lite is distributed through a live installer, the storage device used to install it (USB or CD/DVD) will most likely be slower than average, which is why startup time matters. Chromium starts up 2-5 times faster than Firefox from my experience. That is really my only argument in favor of this change, but I see no argument against it (though I may be wrong), so I see no reason other than the fact that simply other distros preferring Firefox, or because it's more traditional, which shouldn't prevent that change from happening. I thought since this distro is one of the only ones that truly prioritises new users and is willing to go through changes and features that no other distro does just to achieve user friendliness, I was hoping that that openness would allow it to become one of the first distros to finally chose another browser than Firefox.

I write all of this with the assumption that speed is the only noticeable difference between the two browsers, and if there is an argument towards Firefox than I probably look very foolish right now  :).


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