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can we get Tshirts and hoodies?

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You could get a Linux Lite tattoo from this talented guy ;-) :

Reminder about our online apparel store. In need of some retail therapy and want to support your favorite distro?

We have a store, it just needs updating (new logos) and yes, I'm happy for other RELEVANT products to be added. If anyone would like to edit the store, please pm me. Only volunteer if you are committed, Ive posted these kind of tasks before, only to have people abandon them shortly after, Instagram is a good example.

How 'bout some ball caps and mouse pads and other stuff?  Or perhaps some supercool forum userbars available only for purchase?


--- Quote from: Jerry on January 15, 2017, 02:22:31 AM ---Store is here -

Will add more products over time.

--- End quote ---
thank you.

it morphin time


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