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In accordance with Valtam's request to post things in their appropriate sections, I posted the procedure for solving the issue of Bluetooth stereo headsets not connecting in the Network area:


Dear Rob,

Thanks for the good work, will wait for your updates. I am working BT based hardware projects with LL2 as OS, your fixes will be of great help  :)


Apparently, this is an issue with blueman. the bluetooth manager. This issue has been affecting all the different versions of Ubuntu for the last couple of versions now.

It turns out that the person who wrote blueman had disabled discovery, because pulseaudio was having issues at the time. Pulseaudio has since been fixed, and an updated version of blueman is available through a PPA. Once one updates blueman, everything works as it should.

I am in the process of writing a step-by-step tutorial on how to make fix things to make Bluetooth work in Linux Lite 2.0. I should have it posted within a day or two.

One of the things I must do to test it is to follow the procedure on a laptop that I haven't done anything to install Bluetooth on yet. If the powers that be like it, perhaps it will become part of the manual, and I'm sure that at some point, an updated version of blueman will be included in a future update.

Additionally, at some point, Ubuntu will update their repositories. The problem with the repositories is that it can take a while for updates to be added...


Dear Colin,

Pl install Pulse audio Bluetooth module by install or remove option in LL and restart the system and open the pulse audio volume control, in the outputs option you can find your BT head set


I have been trying to connect a Bluetooth Headset to my laptop

The headset connects to the adapter OK
The adapter reports that it connects to the Headset Service OK
But no sound happens

I tried the Lite 2 Beta but still the same

I thought the volume control was much simpler and the option to control the sound on the speakers or Plug-in Headset a step forward
I was hoping to see an option for Bluetooth Speakers / Headset -- is this a possibility

I understand that connectivity problems between devices can be caused by them pointing to other locations rather the same location or to each other. Is it possible to have a tool that would help bring the together ( a dating service so to speak LOL ) and also generally solve bluetooth setup problems .
At the moment I find Bluetooth  bit of a Magical service - Cross my fingers and hold my lucky pen to hope it works



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