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Adding ConvertAll to the software data base


Jean-Marc B:
"an AIO image, video, document etc conversion tool" would be a nice addition to LL indeed.

Looks like more of a niche addition than one that would normally fit within our criteria for inclusion.
I have considered a full conversion app of a different kind to include in Lite Software, but it's more to do with an AIO image, video, document etc conversion tool.

Jean-Marc B:
ConvertAll is very convenient software which allows the user to juggle any unit known to mankind (thermal, mass, weight, length, surface... whatever you name it), either Imperial or IS (metrics), or even less common ones. It's available on several distros (Ubuntu, Zorin OS, Linux Mint...) and even on Win.  I was very surprised not to find it on LL.

It's possible to install it from the designer website, but it's rather bothersome.

Why not adding it to LL software data base ?


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