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Wrong keyboard on logscreen


Jean-Marc B:
Hi !

Sorry for coming back late, but finding some free time hasn't been any picknick lately...


No idea what update caused the glitch, tried all the old kernels still installed, and it didn't help at all, alas.

After banging my head on the walls for sometime, I got the impression that my keyboard was set with keypad locked by default (talking here from my netbook, which as no physical keypad) and supposed something might be amok with the bios settings.

Checked it and indeed modifying an option about the way the keypad should be set by default solved the problem.

No idea at all what caused the problem in the first place, I don't remember ever dabbling with the bios, except the first time I installed LL.

Thanks anyway.

Do you know which update/upgrade triggered the problem ?
Do you use the System restore Utility (aka timeshift) ?
You could try rolling back the system state to see if it helps.

There was a new kernel on or around 29th August.
If you keep old kernels on disk try booting off one before the problem started.

Jean-Marc B:
Hi folks !

First some context : installed LL on an old Samsung Netbook N150 a few months back. I move a lot, and I much prefer a small laptop than a tablet. Don't need somehting powerful, using it just to take notes, browse the web and watch a video. So far, so good.

But since the end of August, after an update, I've discovered that on the login screen, the keyboard is all wrong, it's impossible to put in my pass word without the virtual keyboard.

What is weird :

- fr (for Fench azerty) is displayed in the right corner of the screen as usual,
- when I invoque the virtual keyboard, it's displayed as azerty, put when I use it, it changes to qwerty,
- moreover, when I acces to desktop after logging in, the keyboard is correctly set to French azerty again,

So far, I've only be able to by pass the problem by setting the computer to auto log in at startup. It's not really a problem, but I don't like it very much.

Any idea to resolve the problem ?


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