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Waking using External Wireless Keyboard


I am completely new to Lunix so please bare with me.  I have taken an 2007ish Dell Inspiron 640M and loaded linux lite on it for use as a computer to hook up and leave with our TV.  So far loving Linux Lite - easy install and easy setup for everything I need this to be able to do except I can't get it to come out of "Suspend" using the power button on the external keyboard, it comes out of suspend fine using the power on the actual laptop.  I have gone into the Bios and updated it to enable wakeup via USB but this didn't fix it, I assume there must be additional configuration but have been unable to find it.  I did look through/search the forum before posting.  Any help would  be great!



What type of Wireless Keyboard do you have.??

Have you tried the Wireless Keyboard on all Laptop ports,
sometimes only certain ones are powered in Suspend..??

It seems you are not alone if you do a Google of:
"ubuntu 14.04 wakeup from suspend wireless keyboard"
Some have solutions, depending on Keyboard/Device type



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