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I'm new to Linux, and to these forums (just put up my first post in the Introductions).

I haven't even installed Linux Lite yet, and already I have a question.

I have (successfully) burned an .iso disk - a LiveCD - so decided as a trial to boot into Linux Lite and run it from the CD, without installing it, on an old laptop.  It's a Compaq Evo N610c, with 40GB hard drive, a Pentium4 CPU, and 1GB of RAM.

It boots up into Linux Lite from the CD (although curiously with a penguin-shaped black hole where I assume the image of a penguin should be....).

A brief exploration of the desktop seems to suggest that all works well and is easy to understand.  So far so good.

BUT..... when the time comes to shut down, it gets a bit weird.  Linux Lite seems to shut down most of the way.  The screen goes through various steps towards going blank.  The CD pops out of the tray..... but then the screen displays a lurid set of brightly coloured concentric rings or circles (red and green on black background) with a tiny slim "progress bar" just below-centre.  There is initially some pixel-flickering movement along that bar.  Then it hangs.  For hours.  No hibernation, no screensaver, nothing else happens.  The only way to shut down is to power off.

It doesn't seem to be just because I'm running Linux Lite from the CD.  I did find an old post on the forum archive which described something similar, but some time ago, and on a different computer.  Is this a long standing problem which hasn't been fixed?  Is it particular to some brands of computer? 

I'm already wondering.... should I go ahead and install or not?  If this is going to be the normal behaviour, I may abandon the Linux Lite idea straight away.  But I really don't want to do that - or at least not yet.  Nor do I want to start messing around with cmd prompts and terminals.

Can anybody offer comfort, reassurance, and an explanation or solution?

Could just be an issue with live CD on older computer like that.  (Is it spitting out CD and then hanging?  Or is it just hanging and not spitting out CD?)  After shutting down with CD, wait until it's done and looks like it's frozen -- then hit the enter key on keyboard.  Wait another 5-10 seconds if doesn't work first time, then hit enter again.  That's how it works on some computers, so see if applies to you.

I'd be very surprised if you saw that happen once installed -- highly unlikely!  I'm fairly certain that it's just an issue with booting from CD on older system.

Hooray!  First question, first problem, first solution....

Sequence is that on shutdown, screen goes black, shows a few lines of wording about things shutting down, then the concentric circles appear (blue this time - with penguin-shaped black hole in centre and progress bar below it). Then CD pops out.

So I hit enter.  And voila, the shutdown completes and computer powers down.

Simples!  (when you know what to do....) .  Thanks, gold_finger.  If this is an example of how to deal with things, I think I may rapidly get to like Linux.


Yeah, the graphic blocks what's going on the background during startup and shutdown. You can press the DOWN arrow key and it'll show you what's actually going on. In the background, you're probably being told to remove the disc and hit -ENTER-, but all that's being hidden by the graphic.

This won't be an issue once you install - then, it'll just shut off (or restart) on its own...


I'm sorry to start this topic again.

I just installed Linux Lite on a HP Pavillion Notebook and it does the same freezing during shutdown. The progress bar is going nearly to the end, but the system never shuts down (I waited half an hour!). Hitting the enter key is not helping.
The os is already fully installed, this is not just a problem about shutdown in a live system!
For your information:
This also happened while testing linux lite as a live system from a CD. I also thought it's just because booting from a CD, but same happened after full installation.


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