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System Bootorder not found - grub menu disappeared

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Could you post the output of the following terminal command?

cat /etc/default/grub

in order to give you an apporpiate answer.

Hope this help, regards

Using LL 5.2. Several updates were installed today and after the required reboot, in addition to the grub menu screen disappearing, the message, "System Bootorder not found. Initializing Defaults." began to appear. The PC however did boot. Checking Grub Customizer, the show menu box was still checked. Following the instructions in the last post of this thread...


...I was able to make the, "System Bootorder not found. Initializing Defaults." message disappear. However, the grub menu screen still does not appear, even though the show menu box remains checked. Searching for a way to fix the issue I found this:


However, the change suggested in the article is already in place on my PC. The change likely having been made because of the Grub Customizer setting for show menu.

A couple of additional notes. After some updates a few days ago I had to ditch the 4.4 kernel that I was using (so that the micro SD reader would be recognized) because of a kernel panic and a non-booting system. I'm now using 5.4, without a working micro SD card reader. Also, the Shift and Esc keys do not now, nor did they ever, make the grub menu screen appear on this PC.

Any ideas on what I can do to make the grub menu screen appear again ?


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