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System Bootorder not found - grub menu disappeared

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A shot in the dark, but have you run

--- Code: ---sudo-apt-get update-grub
--- End code ---
since updating?

Thank you for the post.

Yes, after Grub Customizer would not bring the grub menu back I updated via the command line. No change, the menu still didn't appear.

On a whim I installed, and updated during the install, LL 5.4, and as expected, because I believe that this is due to an issue with the Ubuntu updates, the same issues occurred:

System BootOrder not found. Initializing Defaults.
and, no grub menu

Just to make certain that it was an Ubuntu issue and not a LL issue, I installed, and updated during the install, Zorin OS Lite. As I expected, the exact same issues occurred. I don't think there's any doubt that it's due to an issue with one, or more, of those recent Ubuntu updates.

Wanting to check a non Ubuntu distro I installed and updated MX Linux. These issues did not occur and I've had no problems, so far, using MX Linux, other than the card reader, but that's a kernel issue.


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