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System asks for admin pass on shut down...


Hey guy's I know I mention this little problem before in the "Introduce Yourself" section of the forum but, since there's already a section for this related problem I'll post here. Okay guy's? Like I mentioned before, we have one Dell PC with LL installed as primary OS coming from Windows XP. Since installing LL on our system when logging out of a user account and shutting down the OS, it always asks for the admin password which is really annoying. Anyway to turn this off or get rid of it? Thanks.


Is this on your main LL account (the one you set up when you first installed LL) or another account you have added since?

Yes Valtam, this is the main account that was created when installed. What should I do to stop it appearing? :-\

Hi Shadow. Maybe it's a group issue. Please enter the follow command in the terminal and post the results here. Replace the word user with your login name.

--- Code: ---cat /etc/group | grep user
--- End code ---


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