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System asks for admin pass on shut down...


Hi Shadow. Maybe it's a group issue. Please enter the follow command in the terminal and post the results here. Replace the word user with your login name.

--- Code: ---cat /etc/group | grep user
--- End code ---

Yes Valtam, this is the main account that was created when installed. What should I do to stop it appearing? :-\

Is this on your main LL account (the one you set up when you first installed LL) or another account you have added since?

Hey guy's I know I mention this little problem before in the "Introduce Yourself" section of the forum but, since there's already a section for this related problem I'll post here. Okay guy's? Like I mentioned before, we have one Dell PC with LL installed as primary OS coming from Windows XP. Since installing LL on our system when logging out of a user account and shutting down the OS, it always asks for the admin password which is really annoying. Anyway to turn this off or get rid of it? Thanks.



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