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Sleep button not working for keyboard shortcuts


It was set to "do nothing." Upon messing around with it, changing the setting to anything else made the sleep button work as I wanted it. I played around with it a bit, after initially altering the setting pressing the sleep button prioritized my command over the set function, then I restarted after removing the command. Putting the command back in, it didn't work on any setting until I restarted again. It seems my programmed command takes priority over Suspend/Hibernate/Ask, as it doesn't do what it's set to as long as my command is in place, unless the command is newly added, then it needs a restart to work. I guess my issue is fixed, but it's kinda weird.

There is an action setup for 'When Sleep Button is Pressed' under

Control Panel->Power Management
General Tab

What is this action set at ?

I have a Dell Precision M4800. The sleep button doesn't work on either the built in sleep button tied to a fn-key combo, or an external PS/2 keyboard (via dock).

Let us start with the make and model of your computer please.

Topic moved.

I'm new to linux lite (and linux in general), so I don't know much. I was trying to configure the sleep button on my laptop to put the monitor to sleep like it does in windows, but it doesn't work and I'm not sure what the issue is. Under keyboard settings / application hotkeys, I put the command "xset dpms force off" and tied it to the sleep button, but nothing happens when it's pressed. When configured to other keys, the command works as intended. I can verify the sleep button itself works and is recognized by the OS.


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