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Thanks. THAT's certainly worth an extra point...


Here is a program under Windows that will calculate and verify the MD5 checksum (for those of us still trying to get up to Linux...):


 - Jim Garrity

Hello, Helen!

The only reason I can think of for all the problems you're having is that you may have a defective ISO download. This also happened to me.

Did you run a 'hash check' on your Linux Lite ISO download to verify that it downloaded properly? The 'hash check' is an alphanumeric MD5 checksum that is posted along with the download. You can paste that checksum number into a text file and save it to the same directory as you downloaded the ISO to as 'whatever the ISO is named.iso'.txt.

You can then run a MD5 hash checker such as MD5Summer on the ISO, to verify that it downloaded successfully...


With my little knowledge, I would suggest if you reinstall LL just set in for automatic login. If you get to the desktop you can go from the menu to System to Login Settings.

Since you are able to login, and it is not starting your desktop. You will be able to still run some commands. With that said can you run :


--- Code: ---ls -lah
--- End code ---

We are looking for a file called .Xauthority and the permissions related to it, in this case we want to check if the user name for the account is proper. In my case it would say :

--- Code: ----rw-------  1 shaggy shaggy  116 Feb 16 09:13 .Xauthority
--- End code ---

However if it looks like this :

--- Code: ----rw-------  1 root root   116 Feb 16 09:13 .Xauthority
--- End code ---

Note the user name root. Then we may have a permissions issue and this can be fixed by running:

--- Code: ---chown username:username .Xauthority
--- End code ---

Adjusting username in both instances with your account username.

Then you'll want to reboot, you can use your power button or type:

--- Code: ---sudo reboot
--- End code ---

If this is not successful, let us know. 


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