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Having a problem on my HP-530 (works perfect on my other notebooks).
Every time I start the display from suspended or just pressing "display button" it shows the settings for the display, as it has discovered a new display every time.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks for an awesome distro! ...this is my only struggle so far ;)

No one...?  ::)

Is this tickbox selected?

Maybe that's the issue. When the PC awakens thinks that a monitor connected. What is the display button?

No, its not.
If I do I get two "display settings"   :P

Should I try to connect an external display and see if I can force to use the one I want with "Use this output"?


Edit: The "display button" is the switch that the lid/screen pushes when closed.

Try what you said but I suppose laptop is the default screen so you have to use it no matter what. Try also this:

Go to Menu > Settings > Install Drivers to see if there is a proprietary driver for your card, to change from the generic one to see any difference.

I can't think any other solution. The last one is to reinstall LL 2.0 but definitely is not a solution.


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