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Plymouth not booting

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fellow lite users,

i have tried DHCP perma setting to no avail.

today I have applied following patches to grub: returned back to nomodeset, disabled plymouth and in terminal disabled wait for networking services service.

did about a dozen of starts and all of them went to desktop environment just fine, so fingers crossed.

It looks to me like the computer may be waiting for DHCP to allocate network setting.

The default DHCP timeout is 300 seconds which is an odd value.  If DHCP is going to work it should complete quickly.  If DHCP can't complete then waiting 300 seconds doesn't really add any value.

Depending on your set up, there are things to try to eliminate DHCP as being a cause.

1) Investigate DHCP operation - this would be my preference but will require time and effort in diagnostics like checking logs, changing the default settings, checking your wifi adaptor etc.  If you have limited time to spend, this may not suit you.

2) If it is in a fixed environment, give the machine a fixed network setting to eliminate DHCP as being the cause.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by your a) and b) routes.


--- Quote from: stevef on November 09, 2022, 06:16:36 PM ---Does the job to raise the network complete or fail if you leave it long enough ?

--- End quote ---

I have never bothered to wait more than 5 minutes. Just powered down the computer as we have very limited time we can spend on a computer. So we powered down and on again until we reached desktop environment.

If it makes any difference, could we follow a logical route a) computer boots up after 10 minutes - proposed fix,
                                                                                   b) computer stays on that screen until powered down.

I have a PCE Asus WiFi Card.

I think the message about casper-md5check failing to start can safely be ignored. It is not relevant once the software has been installed.

Does the job to raise the network complete or fail if you leave it long enough ?

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: OptiPlex on November 09, 2022, 01:49:38 PM ---Here is the error: computer have not booted [...]
--- End quote ---

Hi! :)

Check the first line in the image:
It says "Failed to start casper-md5check Verify Live ISO checksums."
That means:
1. Either you are using an optical media (CD/DVD)  which is faulty (writing errors) OR
2. The ISO file you downloaded, got somehow damaged (interrupted download, or whatever).
3. The USB medium you used, has bad sectors and the result of writing the image, is corrupted.

Two options here:
1. Redownload the ISO file;
2. Re-write the boot media (CD/DVD, USB Stick).
After that, reboot the system using the new media, to see what happens.
Choose the Live version, then install from within the Live Linux Lite.
3. For safer writing, use Gnome Disks to check the USB. Perform a benchmark and see what writing speed you get.
If the medium is damaged, the benchmark might fail at some point.

Good luck! :)


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