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Plymouth not booting

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Here is the error: computer have not booted

Hello friends, quiet splash removed. Now i see a wall of text. Did 6 reboots and all of them went to the graphic desktop environent. It may take few more attempts before problém appears again (if).
Just to clarify both nomodeset and plymouthd are part of the same problem. Just different approaches based off recommendations.

This needs to be split into 2 separate topics.

Remove "quiet splash" from /etc/default/grub. Update grub, shutdown and boot. If boot pauses you may be prompted to hit space bar or any key to continue. Should work if plymouth is the problem. "nomodeset" should not be neccessary. Look at the other options in Plymouth as you may want fsck progress messages displayed.


Hello Friends,

please check my initial updated post. The system wont boot because of plymouth service. Can i somehow work around it? only thing that helps is shutdown by pressing power button and trying to start it again until system boots.


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