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What do you select if you want to boot Windows ?

option: Administrador de Arranque del SO (start windows 10)

option UEFI/BIOS, some, start windows 10

OK, it looks like you don't have any archived logs that journalctrl can find.
With the second command 'gcc version' I was hoping to see when the system had last booted on a 5.4.0 kernel, but as there is only one log saved there's nothing to see.

It seems odd to me that the Boot Manager (Administrador de arranque) does not show 'Windows'.  What do you select if you want to boot Windows ?

Maybe something in your UEFI/BIOS needs clearing.

Regarding Grub Customizer, I read things like this.
If you've made changes with Grub Customizer please read it too.

Do you know when the problem of multiple boot choices being offered started ?
Not exactly, but they were increasing in certain updates that I did through the PACKAGE UPDATE INDICATOR icon. I thought it was normal operation.

Did it work ok before ?
Yes, but as I told you in the previous question, they gradually increased with the updates.

journalctl --list-boots --no-pager

--- Code: ---0 eeab37c30fcb45d79237e0cdec7b45f9 Tue 2023-02-07 11:11:28 -03—Tue 2023-02-07 11:18:55 -03

--- End code ---

journalctl | grep 'gcc version'
it shows nothing.


I have GRUB 2.04

this might help you.

I don't understand how you have got a LL 5.x system with LL 6.x kernel or why your Boot Manager is giving so many options.
It is possible that the two things are related, but I can't see the link.

Do you know when the problem of multiple boot choices being offered started ?
Did it work ok before ?

It might help if we know a bit about when the kernel changes occurred.
Please can you open a terminal, make it full width and run the following commands.

--- Code: ---journalctl --list-boots --no-pager
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---journalctl | grep 'gcc version'
--- End code ---

The first command lists all the boots your system has logged.
The second command reports which kernel was used in the boot.

If you are happy to disclose this information, please post the results back. There may be many lines of text so you may need to need to scroll up to select all the output.
If you can't scroll back far enough, you may need to change the scrolling option on your terminal and re-run the commands.

Please post the results as text from the terminal window rather than an image.
To do this, click the '#' icon which you should see above the yellow icons when replying.  This should insert two tags each with the word code in square brackets into your post.

Copy all the command output and then paste it between the ']' and '[' symbols so that the text is contained between the tags.  Check it looks right using 'Preview'



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