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Minor issues with an external hard drive

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Well, interesting developments. Thanks N4RPS for the GParted suggestion - it did indeed solve my restart problem!

Now something else has turned up - if I put the system to sleep, when it wakes, all the external drive's files are unseen in Krusader - it gives the space used correctly but cannot show anything else. The icon for the drive has appeared on the desktop - as if it were newly plugged in and not registered as hard disk in fstab - and it claims it cannot touch the drive as it is already mounted. Next time I must test to see if other file managers do the same.

So sleep-wake seems to re-attach the drive in some sense, and then nothing can see it as it is mounted and unmounted at the same time, so to speak. Does this sound like a known problem? I know suspend is very dodgy with Ubuntu, I gave up on it before I gave up on Ubuntu.

Ah, I've been tinkering and came in to report a problem, but I see that I already have. The otherwise well behaving external data disk is rendered comatose by putting the machine to sleep.

Upon waking the drive is mounted, its address is the same as before system sleep, and its used space is given, but no files are shown or findable. Need to restart to use the drive.

Is this a known problem?


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