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Long startup due to hardcoded if-up apt-get update

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A WIFI adapter? See below.
 Hardware specific issue probably.


Hi Guys

I'm using Linux Lite since several years. I Love it for its performance and simple user interface.

While migrating to the latest Ubuntu 22.04 based images I've faced remarkable performance decrease for the boot process.
I've analyzed this with `systemd-analyze blame`... and on all my machines the networking-service seemed to be the problem with 25-30 seconds delay on every boot.

Digging deeper, I isolated the a seemingly pre-installed if-up.d hook: as the source. So I gain all the boot performance back with a simple

sudo chmod -x /etc/network/if-up.d/update

IMHO this is a bug. I can't understand why this should be required.
I guess each and every lite user is suffering from this. Or could it be that it derives from third-party, that I'm used to install on all these machines?
If we need a regular 'apt update' call for lite ... the if-up.d hooks seem to be the wrong location.  :error

Can we fix this in a future release?

For detailed boot analysis, see my attached .svg images in the .zip.


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