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Title: Login Loop VM (Bhyve)
Post by: ch4pz on November 18, 2019, 08:19:42 PM
Hi All, i just joined, but been using linux lite in a VM hosted on my FreeNAS for about 9 months, and up until now has worked flawlessly, but im now stuck in a login loop, and to make things worse i cant seem to trouble shoot as i cant launch terminal from login screen. My VM usually automatically logs in anyway so not sure how it got here  :o :o :o
couple nights back i had to hard power off the VM as it froze (well was running superslow), then upon reboot (after rebooting NAS host too) the VM went to the login screen which, as mentioned, was unusual, but has since gone into the login loop. I tried getting terminal up via ctrl and f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, an T, then ctrl+alt with the same buttons AND ctrl+shift, and nothing, but not really confident with terminal, ive just been googling possible solutions but most content is for ubuntu
Anyway, any solutions would be a massive help, cheers  :D
Title: Re: Login Loop VM (Bhyve)
Post by: DeepThought on November 19, 2019, 06:12:34 AM
You don't mention whether the VM is in Virtualbox, Vmware or another virtualisation system, but control-alt-Fkey does not work in the same way in a guest as it does on a host.

Assuming you are using Virtualbox, the key combo is :  Host key + Function key

Info from :

I suggest you look up the help for your specific virtualisation software or ask on their forums for help :)

FYI: Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu so answers for Ubuntu should work :)