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Login loop after recent update - can't access system


Hi all!

I've been using Linux Lite for a year without any real issues. After a recent update I'm hitting the login loop (back to login screen after entering the password over and over again) and can't access the system. I've tried some of the fixes that were linked to Ubuntu website in this forum but so far none of them did the trick of allowing me past the login screen. Is anyone here available to provide some troubleshooting help? I'm facing some data loss if I have to reinstall so any help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm wondering if the zero responses my post received is due to the post being in the wrong place, not being tagged correctly or this login loop issue after update and not being able to get past the login screen is basically not fixable and my only option is to scrap the Linux Lite OS, loose all the data and start over. Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations of what the next steps should be or what the best way is on this forum to get Linux Lite troubleshooting assistance?

The Forum location is fine. Keep in mind, even on Windows forums, not every thread has a response. If there is someone here with the appropriate knowledge, they will reply. Our community is full of helpful people.


It may be during the update, something went awry with the Kernel update..

When booting.. On the grub screen - Choose the Advanced Options for Linux Lite..
You should see options options for various Kernels.. something like LL.. 4.15.0-159, 4.15.0-156, 4.15.0-154 etc etc...
The highest/top most is the kernel its attempting to boot with.
- try choosing the next kernel (non recovery) and see if you can boot.. if not then try the next and so on..
So if 159 is failing try 156 then 154 etc..

Once booted - you can use Lite Tweaks to remove the failing kernel (159)
- then reboot go back to the top level grub - which will now boot with working...

Then you can trying updating once again...

At the GUI login screen try pressing CTRL+ALT+F2 (at the same time).
This should give a terminal login option of

computer-name login:

type your normal username (which will be echoed) here and press enter.  Then at the prompt


type your normal password (won't be echoed) and press enter.

Access success here will indicate your name/password combination is ok and allow you to copy your data to safety before continuing diagnosis.
Access failure here indicates problems with the account/credentials.


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