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Lite 3.8 Blank Screen After Opening Lid

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Hi, Newbe, here.

Not strictly a startup question although it does have a connection.  I have posted this question on another site, but, although I received very good replies, I didn't get a working solution.  As this is a Lite specific forum, I'm hoping someone here will be able to further advise me.

I have Lite 3.8 installed on my old Samsung NP-N110 laptop and it seems to work fine.  When I close the lid and reopen after a time, it asks for a password.  This is fine - although I can't figure out how to stop this - but when I enter the password, the screen goes blank and remains blank.  I am unable to do anything with it except for hitting the power button to shut it off.  It seems to close down OK, as when I hit the power button it chugs for a while then shuts down.  Also, the numlock keeps turning on.

So if anyone has an answer to any of the following I'd be grateful:

1. How do I stop the p/w request from appearing when I've closed the lid for a time? (This is on mains as well as battery.)

2. What's happening and how do I prevent the blank screen after I've entered the p/w?

3. How do I get the numlock to stay off on boot up or at a p/w input?

Thank you.

FYI: the p/w request at startup is on, but the same problem with the p/w after opening lid happens even when this is off; the BIOS is set to numlock on.


Unsupported OS. Please see the Roadmap here - https://www.linuxliteos.com/download.php#roadmap

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Thank you.  I appreciate it's unsupported by updates.  Are you suggesting that it is unsupported at all, even in a forum?



--- Quote from: MattC on October 11, 2021, 04:02:58 PM ---Thank you.  I appreciate it's unsupported by updates.  Are you suggesting that it is unsupported at all, even in a forum?


--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, yes, since Ubuntu 16.04 which is the base for Linux Lite 3.8 reached EOL(end of life)last April https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle this also means end of support from Ubuntu as well as from Linux Lite, and as you probably understand, newer versions takes precedent. That being said, for your issue, you could try and look in power settings, there should be an option to configure what happens when you close the lid. As for the password, in session and start up uncheck where it reads Lock screen before sleep and in power settings uncheck where it reads Lock screen when going for suspend/hibernate or some similar wording. 

Thank you.  Unfortunately this doesn't help.

Do you know of a forum that caters for Lite 3 users?



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