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Lite 3.8 Blank Screen After Opening Lid

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What action setting have you got set under

Settings->Power Manager->General Tab-> When Laptop Lid is closed



--- Quote from: MattC on October 12, 2021, 01:34:48 AM ---Thank you.  Unfortunately this doesn't help.

Do you know of a forum that caters for Lite 3 users?


--- End quote ---
You're welcome. Too bad that didn't work. Not exactly, but you could try here https://www.linux.org/ and here https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ and there are many other Linux forums you could try, just search for "Linux forums". :)

stevef, it's set to 'Switch off display' on both batt and plugged.  However, the others - 'Suspend', 'Hibernate' and 'Lock screen' - are equally as unappealing.  I would have thought, though, that it should only ask for p/w if it was set to 'lock screen' (or the others), but not just 'Switch off display'.  I have no other laptop that I can test this on to see if there's a problem with mine.

Moltke, thanks.  I'm a member of the Linux Community forum (where this question was originally posted), but I'll have a look at the others.  One thing I'm reluctant to do is join many different groups, but I'll consider your suggestions, thanks.


FYI --- LL3.8 was different than the later versions of LL... Yes it was a great OS at the time..
@matt as this version is no longer supported you may be finding yourself attempting items with no results.

I would highly suggest using the forum search, you can find answers when the OS was supported...
Specifically here:


I have an Acer one 722 notebook which is about 10 years old.  The Acer still has LL3.8

When set to 'switch off display' on lid close it appears to do just that and when opened again the display reappears as expected - i.e. not locked.

When set to 'lock screen' on lid close - when opening I briefly get a text type screen that is blank except for an underscore cursor top left, which changes to a black screen with brief glimpse of the mouse cursor centrally.  The screen remains black unless/until I move the mouse which gives the GUI unlock screen.  Entering the password here which gets me back to normal.

Essentially the Acer appears to work as expected with regard to lid closing and opening so doesn't reproduce your issue and confirms your thinking on what *should* happen.

If you lock the screen manually from the menu does it subsequently unlock ok ?  The answer to that might suggest where to look next.

I'm not quite clear with your num lock issue and when it toggles.  The Acer num lock status is unaffected when going through a lid close open test, but from your description, I don't think you were linking the two issues.

Under settings->keyboard->behavior there is a 'restore numlock state on startup' checkbox which is ticked on my system.  This may be interacting with your BIOS num lock setting.


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