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Hibernate problem using wireless keyboard and mouse (Solved)


Ok, friends,I have a wireless keyboard and mouse which I am using on an hp desktop that has the newest linux-lite 20.04. Suspend Hibernate, and Hybrid Sleep don't work by just hitting enter on my wireless keyboard or by pressing the mouse. I have to press the power button and then it will come on quickly, because it really was in hibernation, but the touch of the keyboard or mouse doesn't bring it up, which brings up the subject of the usb dongle for the wireless keyboard and mouse. It seems to not want to wake up from hibernate. Only the power button wakes it up. I've tried different things online using "/etc/rc.local", but that is only a temporary fix, so that when I turn the power completely off and back on, hibernate doesn't work again by touching the wireles keyboard and mouse. How can this be fixed? I would like to hibernate the machine and then just press enter on my keyboard for it to come back on.Karen
*Ok, I found the answer to my query above. It's at this link at answer #32. This worked.  :) https://askubuntu.com/questions/848698/wake-up-from-suspend-using-wireless-usb-keyboard-or-mouse-for-any-linux-distro/874701#874701* What worked for me was doing the above instructions to wake with a wired or wireless keyboard. My wireless mouse worked still. If I did the above instructions to wake with my wireless mouse, it would, but then wireless mouse was frozen until a restart. I don't know how to fix the clicking of the wireless mouse to wake from sleep and still having it work afterward.


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