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Error, Busybox INTRANFS

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Found the partition name with another utility and ran fsck and said Y to everything and it seemed to fix things.

Not sure what exe file you are referring to.

According to the instructions in the link, this might work from the Busybox (initramfs) prompt.

--- Quote ---You can use cat /proc/partitions or blkid or lsblk commands to get your Linux partition details in Busybox
--- End quote ---

Good luck.

The only exe file I can find is a 32bit and a 64 bit.  The 64  bit file does not  open anything.

Saw that page already.  The help command is not giving me that response.  I plan to run fsck nayway once I figure out the partition name.  I need something that will read ext-4 partitions in Windows.  Downloaded the newest versionof Gparted live and hope that works better than the older version I have.

Don't know if the information in this link will be relevant.



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